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What kind of torch is WP 17?

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What kind of torch is WP 17?

Issue Time:2022/02/28
WP 17 series

The most popular size torch for portable welders. Max capacity of 150 amps, but can be used on virtually any size machine.  TIG is typically used for welding thin materials, and in these cases the operator will rarely (if ever) need to operate on more than 150 amps, irrespective of the maximum output of the machine. Suitable for welding materials of up to approximately 3mm thickness. 

TIG 17FV series torches come with;
• Valved, flexible torch head to allow the operator to 'bend' the head to achieve the best torch position
• Both small and large 'Dinse' cable connectors, for connection to almost any machine
• Standard 5/8" UNF gas fitting for connection to Argon gas regulators